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Santa Barbara Complex is surrounded by the main attractions of the city, in addition top class restaurants and amazing cafes are nearby.
Wherever and however you choose to go, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Limassol Old Town, Cyprus

Limassol Old Town, Limassol

6.7 km

Limassol's lively old town district is the most interesting part of the city to explore. Right in the center, on the main square, is Limassol castle, built in the 14th century on the site of an earlier Byzantine construction. The main square is rimmed by cafés and restaurants always bustling with Limassol's bright young things.

Limassol Castle, Cyprus

Limassol Castle, Limassol

6.8 km

Limassol Castle dates back to the Medieval period and is located at the center of Limassol, very close to the Limassol harbour. The castle was built during the Ottoman rule in the island but archaeological evidence suggest that before its current form there were earlier architectural faces, older and larger. There you will find a variety of coffee shops, restaurants with different cuisines and small tourist shops.

Limassol Marina, Cyprus

Limassol Marina, Limassol

7.2 km

Limassol Marina is an exclusive waterfront development designed by a world-renowned team of architects and engineers. It combines elegant residences and a full service marina with exclusive restaurants and shops, to create a lifestyle uniquely shaped by ‘living on the sea’.

Monastery Of Agios Georgios Alamanos, Cyprus

Monastery Of Agios Georgios Alamanos, Limassol

11.3 km

The Agios Georgios Alamanos Monastery (also known as the Agios Georgios Monastery and the Agios Georgios Alamanou Monastery) is situated next to the  villages of Pentakomo and Monagroulli, and is situated within the Limassol district of Cyprus. This Byzantine style monastery was constructed in the 12th century. This very day, it serves as a Greek Orthodox convent for nuns. The monastery is devoted to Saint George, who is one of the most honoured and favoured saints in Cyprus.

My Mall, Cyprus

My Mall, Limassol

11.5 km

My Mall Limassol, the largest shopping mall in Cyprus, is located in Zakaki, at the northwest entrance to Limassol, only a short distance from the city center and very close to the port. My Mall Limassol, with its contemporary architectural design, fully air-conditioned facilities and over 1.600 parking spaces provides an ideal destination for shopping and entertainment for you, your family and your friends.

Panagias Neroforousas Church, Cyprus

Panagias Neroforousas Church, Limassol

13.5 km

The Panagias Neroforousas church is a small and austere, stone-made, little church of the Basilica style. It was constructed during the era of the Venetian Rule, around the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century. Internally, this church is flat with a very old, wooden icon screen, that was constructed in 1856.

Lady's Mile Beach, Cyprus

Lady's Mile Beach, Limassol

13.6 km

Lady's mile beach is a wonderful beach with warm, shallow and clear waters. It has white sand and is considered to be a very safe beach . At Lady's mile there are also facilities for windsurfing as well as many other water sports. You can enjoy having a peaceful walk along the sandy beach since it is not usually crowded.

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